Imelda’s Visit & Other Delights: September 19, 2019

RainRainPicture I took on my street this morning.

It’s raining, it’s pouring;
The old man is snoring.
Bumped his head
And he went to bed
And he couldn’t get up in the morning.
Rain, rain, go away;
Come again another day;
Little Johnny wants to play.

Author: Unknown


Tropical Depression Imelda decided to visit my neighborhood today. Thankfully our home is high and dry, but many in my neck of the woods were not so lucky…and they will need our help. One thing I know for sure: we will not disappoint. We picked the right place when we purchased this home 18 years ago – it’s a close-knit community and nobody bats an eye at sharing, caring, and going the extra mile to help a neighbor.

The kids see the bright side, at least: school was closed today and will be tomorrow too. Ah, well, let them think it’s fun – we all could use more of that kind of attitude.


It’s been busy these past few months – the kids started school earlier than usual this year due to a new district calendar – and I’m really happy about it because they get two extra weeks off during the year! One in October (in addition to the week off for Thanksgiving), and one in February (in addition to the spring break in March). I’m imagining all kinds of fun things we can do!

Well, not just “imagining” – we’ve already made some plans! Our middle child (welp, not technically a “child” anymore, as he’s 19, yikes) is obsessed (in the good way!) with trains. He has autism and what they call “intellectual disability” – and while I won’t call it something stupid like “differently-abled,” I can definitely say I wouldn’t change him for the world. That sounds so corny and cliche, I know. But if you knew him, you’d know that those aren’t just sunshiney words I throw around. He just radiates JOY and fun and happiness and on and on…

OK so I got a bit sidetracked in my excitement. For the first school break in October, his dad and I secretly planned a day trip on a train with the Austin Steam Train Association, where they have the real, old-fashioned trains that are updated, upgraded and with climate control – a must-have here in Texas. The tracks wind through the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and the journey includes trestle bridges and scenery galore. He’s going to be SO happy and I can’t wait to tell him!

Check out the steam train we chose for our day trip:

The Rippling Stream – isn’t she a beauty?


The Rippling Stream was built by the Budd Company for the New York Central System in 1949. We booked a compartment lounge with a table just for him, his dad and me!

The Austin Steam Train Association has a bunch of different trains, routes and special event days. If you love trains, check them out at here.


I’ve kept up my pace with my Etsy, Ebay and Amazon Prime addictions. Here are my favorite recent finds:


I am so in love with this. 

I mistakenly thought it was a Rolodex, but it’s another brand – regardless, it’s vintage, it’s gorgeous, and it spins beautifully and the cards are blank and ready for me to use. I confess, I’m not sure exactly what I’ll use it for – but that’s half the fun anyway, finding unique uses for my vintage relics!

Maybe I will use it as a part of my Pen Pal & Postcrossing hobbies…speaking of which, I found The Holy Grail of snail mail obsessives on Amazon recently – a hardbound book called “Snail Mail: Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Handmade Correspondence,” by Michelle Mackintosh.

It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a book about handwritten letter writing. Not only is it gorgeously illustrated and bound, but it’s also chock-full of great advice, fabulous photography, how-to’s, and on and on.


All of my letter-writing dreams come true!

Look at how clever the design is! And the pictures! Ahhhh!


And speaking of my love of handwritten letters, I purchased this dreamy art print on Ebay just today!


The term billet-doux was coined in 1673 in France – and means, literally, “sweet letter”

Also on the subject of letters and correspondence, here’s my side table as of today:



I picked up that metal mail holder at the local thrift shop for about a dollar. I’m pretty impressed with it because the very day I brought it home, I was sitting down in my chair, somehow missed the chair, fell over and landed butt-first on it. Please don’t ask how this kind of thing could happen – trust me, this is a totally “me” thing to do. In any case, this is it after I SAT on it. I was so sure I’d broken it, but nope! One dollar and this thing took a literal a**-beating and looks fine (I had to say it, I HAD TO!).

I’m probably going to spray paint it black, or rose-gold, we’ll see. But in the meantime it’s sitting there reminding me I have a lot of postcard writing and mailing to catch up on!

Also just in case you were wondering, yes, I may have an addiction to pens of all kinds as well. MAYBE. Finding writing pens with the perfect balance of gorgeous colors along with the critical ability to not smudge is one of my favorite hunts!


Well, the hour is growing late, I’m a bit hungry and I’m hoping to watch a horror flick while we still have electricity. But I can’t wrap this post up without sharing a picture that I guarantee will make you go “awwwww!” – and if you don’t, you aren’t human!


Admit it, this made you go “awww” even just in your mind


That’s our precious cat P.K., in her new pillow I discovered at this amazing site called “Pawsome Couture” – I’m cracking up at that store name, I’m definitely not a fancy, “couture” kind of person – had to Google it just to spell it, for Pete’s sake – but somehow (can’t remember how) I saw an ad for this “calming pet bed” and I knew it was made in heaven just for our sweet P.K. (long story for later: P.K. is one of the stray cats we’ve taken in and domesticated – we have 4). She loves humans and doggos but is terrified of other felines, so we have to keep her away from the others or she gets upset. It’s OK, we’ve worked it all out.

She’s a sweetheart through and through, but she gets a bit anxious, and by the description and pictures it really sounded/looked like something that would calm her. Well, that’s putting it mildly. It doesn’t just calm her, it makes her so happy and relaxed – she spends almost all day in that thing!  I mean do they put Kitty Pot in it or what?! Whatever the case, we love it so much I ordered another one for our other cats to check out!

The rest of our Feline Family, L-R: Kade, Sally, & Blazer


That’s it for today. All the best til the next time!


[Important Reminder: if I link to products in a blog post, it’s purely for the reason I love it so much and want to share what I’ve found. Ask my friends and family and they’ll tell you I’m like a walking infomercial when I find a product I love. I won’t shut UP about it, ha ha! I do not post “affiliate links.” This practice really bugs me because it immediately makes me suspicous of a blogger’s “reviews.” It’s a credibility killer. Maybe I’m just old and cynical, but that’s just me. I visit blogs for fun, not to make someone a sale based on a peppy pitch. SorryNotSorry.