Postcrossing & Pen Pal Miscellany

I caught up on my Postcrossing and Pen Pal correspondence this week – I love reading through the profiles of my assigned fellow postcrossers and finding that perfect card I think they will enjoy the most based on their unique personalities, preferences and so on.

The following postcards are traveling all over the world right now, on their way to Russia, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Canada, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

Within a couple of weeks, I’ll begin getting the notifications of their arrivals when the recipients register the card IDs – I’m really looking forward to that!


As for my Pen Pal correspondence, I took over a large study table at my local library yesterday and caught up with my long-time USA pen pals. I even made it to the post office on time – YAY! Feeling rather proud of myself, I must say!




In other happy news, I paired up (via the Postcrossing Dot Com forum) with several new Pen Pals this week – all international this time  – ladies who love writing and receiving hand-written letters as much as I do!

I’ll be working on my intro letters to them over the weekend and then will hit the post office on Monday with mail going out to France, Australia, Germany and Russia.

If you enjoy writing letters, or are just interested in the idea – I highly recommend visiting the Maple Post blog. I recently discovered this gem and it’s my new Happy Place!