Postcrossing, or How to Revive Your Love for Humanity

Postcrossing, or How to Revive Your Love for Humanity


This is my happy place.


You know how sometimes it seems like the world is just full of mean people and jerks and overall ugliness? If not, good for you! But it you’re at all like me, sometimes it can get you down.

I found a way to hit the reset button on the whole Faith in Humanity concept a few years ago, and it makes me so ridiculously happy I must share it.



If you’ve never heard of Postcrossing Dot Com, get yourself over there post-haste (get it? POST haste? I know, I know). It’s not some kind of “subscription” thing, and it doesn’t cost money (except for postcards and stamps), and you can just do it once or make it a hobby like I do. Whatever floats your boat – but any way you approach it, I can almost guarantee you’ll find some happiness in it, and you will discover so many really cool and unique and amazing human beings.


Postcrossing Main Logo




If the idea of exchanging postcards with random human beings all over the globe intrigues you at all – you will love this site. From the Postcrossing “about” page, in their own words:

“What is Postcrossing?

The goal of this project is to allow anyone to send and receive postcards from all over the world!

The idea is simple: for each postcard you send, you will receive one back from a random postcrosser from somewhere in the world.”

I’ve been postcrossing for more than five years now (1,970 days, acc to my profile page – which is kind of neat-o, since I was born in 1970). It never ever gets old to find a postcard from across the world in my mailbox among all the bills, flyers and junk.



This bit of sunshine in my mailbox that traveled all the way from Poland made me smile for days!

In these five years, I’ve sent and received hundreds of postcards. I cherish each one, and they all find a home either on my jumbo bulletin board, in little frames, glued to notebooks, stuffed in my handbag for inspiration, in baskets and boxes, used as bookmarks, and on and on.

I also just have to say, based on the hundreds of messages I’ve gotten from people of all ages and from almost every nation you can think of – America needs to step it the hell up education-wise. Check out this penmanship and just overall quality writing skill in general from a HIGH SCHOOL student in Taiwan!



Dang, Warren -slow your roll, you’re embarrassing us over here in the states. 


Whenever I find myself feeling cynical and downhearted about the state of humanity in general, I think about Postcrossing and all the joy it has given me through the years.

I think about the people from all over the world who have taken the time to share just a bit of themselves with me on a postcard. I can’t even begin to count how many (that I will never even meet!) read my profile page carefully and then thoughtfully custom-tailored their message and the card they chose, just for me!

How wonderful is that?

I acknowledge that this all sounds corny, but that’s okay. That’s part of what makes it so delightful.



This is all kinds of corny, and I LOVE IT.  (Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash )


Recently, I’ve been on a decluttering spree (which for me just means I move crap from one part of the house to another). I found the gorgeous antique cherry wood box where I store the most cherished postcards and pen pal letters I’ve received over the years. I dusted it off and polished it, then spent a good half a day just admiring and re-reading the cards and letters while drinking strong coffee and listening to good music. God, it was pure bliss.

Corny beats cynical and bitter any day. If you think so too, then go sign up. You’ll thank me.

Happy Postcrossing!